Rules For Chess Tournaments

Rules for chess tournaments are much like the rules of a normal chess game. They do not differ much, except, in tournament level matches you will be required to make a move within a certain time limit. There are other rules regarding tournament ethics as well, which you must clearly understand before starting off the first game. Generally a rule book is provided at the time of registration. It should contain all the information you need. But if it is a walk-in registration or the rule book is not provided, the following should guide you through.

The first thing you should get used to, in any tournament, is the time limit. Every game has a specific time limit and every move must be made within the given time. So you should know the time allocated for each game, beforehand, to plan your strategy. For example, you might want finish the opening and complete at least 20 moves before half time, if it’s a short game. Also be sure to make a move and then stop the timer. Stopping the timer before making a move can result in violation of the rules for chess tournaments. Also use the same hand used for moving the chess pieces to operate the timer.

The next important thing to understand in the rules for chess tournaments is that, when you touch a piece you should move it. Though this might have been a common thing even in normal games, in chess tournaments this is considered pretty seriously. Also if you touch the opponent’s piece, so as to capture it, it should be removed from the board. You are not allowed to change back once you have touched the opponent’s piece. But it is totally acceptable if you brush a piece by mistake or want to adjust a piece in a square. But be sure you announce it first to the referee.

Most tournaments require you to record your moves as you make them. You would be probably given a pad where you have to make all the moves made by both you and the opponent. This is important because, if you or your opponent has a dispute, this is the major evidence for resolving it. Also you need to produce this document for claiming victory. But if you’re ever in doubt of any of the rules for chess tournaments, you can always contact the tournament director. If you suspect an unfair move, just pause the timer and call the TD in.

Finally, the most basic etiquette has to be followed in chess tournaments. Though these will not be specified as rules for chess tournaments, it is assumed the players are aware of them. Like, switch off the phone during the game, or put it in silent mode. If you’re cellphone rings too loudly, it can be considered as a violation. You are allowed to walk through the halls to watch other people’s games. But you’re strictly forbidden from suggesting anything or talking to them. This will lead to immediate disqualification. So mind all these rules, and enjoy playing the tournament.