Online Chess Resources For Beginners

As captivating as it is, chess is also the most played game in the world. As kids, we would have all had a taste on how to play chess. And it wasn’t too hard to learn, now was it? But today chess is at a whole new level. People don’t consider it a leisure game no more. It is taken much seriously, on par with other sports in college and school level. So if you plan on entering a tournament with your basic skills, you might want to reconsider. But don’t worry; there are plenty of online chess resources for beginners to help you out.

Though practice is possibly the only way to master the game, you need to learn some theory as well. After all, chess is all about strategy. Even if practice gives you confidence, the theory is what enables you to win matches. But you don’t have scour through the local bookstore and load in on every single title written by the grandmasters. You can access a lot of useful online chess resources for beginners, right on the internet. And besides, what you will find in those bulky books is a dreary, inexplicable volume of simple rules.

But online, the material is much easier to access. You don’t have to turn hundreds of pages, just to revise an opening. Also, online you get to

  • Know a quick introduction to any rule or tactic of the game
  • Have a visual guide to all the opening moves
  • Interact with experienced players and title holders
  • Attend online lessons to improve the game
  • Access chess engines, which will highlight your strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze the game step by step.

So where does one find these online chess resources for beginners?

There are plenty of websites you can refer to. But it’s always better to join a forum or a discussion group along with the website. Some of the trusted websites you can refer to are,, and These online chess resources for beginners are particularly useful if you want to brush up on some of the basics as well. Also these websites often post articles by International masters, coaches and even grand masters. So you can be updated on some of the most radical techniques used in modern day chess and also get a chance to interact with the professionals. This will help a great deal in improving your game.

And there are other websites which let you play against real opponents over the internet too. These are not exactly learning resources, but In terms of practice, these sites are indispensable. Here you can find players of all levels. From amateurs to title holders, you can go against almost anyone. And if the website provides a chess engine, for you to use – it’s all the better. A chess engine will help you decide which moves should be made and which moves should be avoided. So, this is a classical method of learning by doing. But remember one thing very clearly, the online chess resources for beginners is just a start. You still have a lot of homework to do, if you ever dream on becoming a professional. So log on and enjoy the game.