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I f you want to learn the chess game you are in the right place! In our Free chess database Here we teach you all of the chess notations these are also popularly known as algebraic notations.

In case you have chess board in home or having an access to Chess online game try to utilize it while reading this post. It will help you to learn quickly. I assume you have a chess board in front yourself. Now just turn the chess board such that the bottom side ride hand square gets the light color. Before that let’s discuss something about ranks and files related to the chess board.

The files will go as below

It will move across the chess board layout right from the rook which exist in the queen side to the rook of king side. We can put this in one another way that is it moves from the bottom left hand side to the bottom right hand side of the chess board. Like shown above all the 64 squares are named from a to h (left to right). White side of the chess board usually seems with these markings. Check Chess online game or – Online Multiplayer chess to get a clear idea.

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The ranks are usually vertically aligned over the board and they used to begin at the first white square and marked with the labels one, a pair of and 3 to 8.

Thus the starting rook that exists at the queen side place is labeled as a1, the next above square is called as a2, and its immediate right side square is labeled as b2…

Given below is a short list that explains every single chess pieces.

•             Pawn – it doesn’t have any specific abbreviation which is denoted by the square on which it reside currently.

So if you want  to give an opening move with the king’s pawn which needs to be moved to the square over it , it will be denoted as  e3.

If your piece captures a different piece in chess it’s always represented by any x in chess notations. When the pawn captures some chess piece it is denoted through the original file from a to h.

•             Knight – This knight in chess board is denoted with the notation N. So if anyone says the notation Nf3 it represents the knight has taken the f3 square. When the knight seizes one another piece then the next notation will be denoted as Nxe5.

Carefully watch the notations used for the file from a to h which are all belongs to knight. When one other knight resides on the same board captures the same square for example consider (Nfxe5) (here Nf denotes the file from which the knight started .xe5 denotes the position that the knight achieved on.

•             Bishop – This bishop piece is represented with the symbol B. So whenever you hear the notation B3 it denotes the position it has captured in the chess board. Bishop pieces are restricted to take a move on either white or dark squares. So it is denoted with the notations Bx.So when the bishop piece is captured over c6 this will be denoted with the notation Bxc6.

•             Rook- There are 2 rooks presented on both light side and dark side Which is represented with the symbol R. whenever you encounter a notation Re1 just assume that this R equals to the rook. The rest e1 will be the name of the square on which the rook has captured on. When the rook gets any other piece it will be denoted by Rxe7 which is purely depend on the position on which the taken on.

•             Queen – There are two queens used in the standard chess board. One is from the white side and another one is from the black side. This queen is represented by Q . When you come across the notation Qh5 it denotes the name of the square the queen actually has captured on. When the Queen has taken the other piece the notation will be like Qxe5

•             King – King piece is as same as Queen. There are two in number and    which is denoted by k. when you hear a notation Kf1 remember it actually represents the position on which the king captured on .when the king takes some other piece the representation will be like Kxf2.The final will be depend on the position on which the king has taken on.

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