Introducing Chess to Children

Chess is a classic game of strategy, meticulous planning and spontaneous decision making. Now, with all those big words out of the way chess is also a wonderful game. In fact, taught properly, kids can actually have a lot of with it. And believe it or not, it can be mastered by a young child much faster than the adults who have been playing the game for ages. In fact, most of today’s chess grand masters started as child prodigies themselves. Introducing chess to children in the right way is the key. If forced down on the child, they may eventually lose interest and would have lost a great way to keep the mind active for life.

Children generally respond better to visual experiences. So you can instill a spark or motivate your child to take up chess by just playing a riveting game of chess yourself. Seeing you have fun while playing the game will make them want to try it out too. Once you have caught their attention, it will be easier introducing chess to children. Go one step at a time, let the child master the first few moves before moving on to the next. Teaching them all the moves about all the pieces at once would make them overloaded with information. So, pace the lessons such that they are short and fun.

Once your child knows how to move about the chess board, spend time with them practicing the game. Teach them some basic opening moves that they can incorporate in their own game. Make the kids watch games of experienced players. Introducing chess to children this way, they can easily pick up the nuances of the game by simply observing others’ games. The internet provides various videos on special moves that your child can master in a jiffy. Use the internet to make the game interactive. For the kids it’s entertaining and at the same time gets the tactics across.

Introducing chess to children should be made fun for both the players. Many children would love to try the game, but would end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated if they start losing badly. Once in a while lose your dazzling plans of a checkmate and give the child the opportunity to explore the various moves. The key is simply let them win a few games and while you are at it analyse the moves that they are making while trying to beat you. You can make the game tougher as their skills improve, this way you get to spend more time with the child and you get better at the game too.

Introducing chess to children may seem simple but it requires constant motivation and rigorous practice to get the results that one hopes for. Lastly, chess is a tasking game so always keep your child well rested before they take on the game. A tired child cannot make winning moves with their taxed out mind. If the steps above seem simple to implement, then your child should have no trouble mastering the game. So go ahead and enroll him into a class today.