How To Get Better at Chess

The sudden rush of adrenaline you get when you win your first tournament of chess; sets you thinking in all kinds of directions. You begin to wonder, on how to get better at chess, all the time. You start reading a lot of books. Begin following the routines of Grandmasters very closely and even try to imitate their game play. And what not! But you’ve got to remember one important thing about chess. It is as tough as any other game in the world. In fact, compare yourself with a marathon runner. It takes him years of practice to go that extra mile. And it’s no different in chess.

To frame it in a single sentence – chess is all about practice. And if you want to prove this wrong, you will only end up wasting time and money. Ask any expert or refer any book, you will always find yourself being directed in this direction. You can progress, only if you play against tougher opponents. Though your office buddies or college buddies might have proved to be worthy opponents. Once you have won over them, it’s time to move on. Go online and enroll of online chess lessons. Meet tougher opponents and engage them with determination. It is quite simply the only solution to the question of how to get better at chess.

But it doesn’t exactly mean, you shouldn’t read all the literature on how to get better at chess. Reading books – the good ones – can give you a lot of insights in to how grandmasters think. It can definitely improve you decision making abilities. But then again if you don’t try it out on the board, quite often, you will never get a hang of it. So maintain a balance. If you spare, 12 hours a week in chess, spend no more than 2 to 4 on lessons and books. This was you become more confident on using your newly gained skills. Also you don’t get frustrated while using them on a real tournament.

The other important thing that you should know about chess is that, you don’t require special intelligence or genius IQ levels to master to it. Believe it or not, many professional, title players, got to the top with just average intelligence as you and me. Though it might help if you have a gifted seventh sense, you can very well become a pro, if you can just mentally assess a situation. After all, presence of mind is all you need to win a game.

So before you spend a fortune on how to get better at chess books, think over the following:

  • Do you spend enough time practicing chess?
  • Do you analyze the game after every single match?
  • Do you frequently enroll for tournaments and play till the end?
  • Do you think chess lessons from professional instructors are much valuable than books?

If the answer to the above is yes, then you’re well on your way to becoming a seasoned pro in Chess. Just follow the basic principles, and never fear losing to tougher opponents. It will gain you valuable experience, and will help you a way around to beat them. So go on, keep practicing and get better every day.