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Internet chess trying to play rooms are terrific, but some players feel that they’re impersonal and cause several of the magic to seep from the game.

The origin of chess can be traced back to the year of 1475. While it’s not definitive which culture has started this wonderful game, many countries states the beginning of the game to India.

Proofs were found that Arabic and Persian people has played some versions of chess. It was one of the very popular among the royal courts. After that this chess game has been spread to every nook corner of the world.

In chess board layout there are 64 squares which are designed as 8 rows and 8 columns. Each player will start the game with 16 pieces each. Royal court is made up of members like king, queen, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, & eight pawns. Each and every royal court member has assigned with set of rules that actually will govern the movement direction.

Have you heard about the online chess playing rooms? If it’s not go and have some online experience, that’s really awesome! But one main problem so many individual faces is finding the same kind of personality who is also interested in playing the chess. So if you don’t want to waste your time in finding the right opponent “chess club” will provide you a good solution.

So what is meant by Chess Club?

As you think it is a club which consists of people who is really interested in playing chess. Not only chess they used to share strategy recommendations and hold scrimmages with each other.

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Chess Clubs – History

Although chess clubs have probably been around longer than many people realize, they have started to draw attention on themselves in the actual 1970s.

The reason behind the sudden rise in popularity has been very obvious to all, When Bobby Fischer has won over Boris Spasky, it was widely advertised, however it was managed to make the people cool with playing chess. Almost within a single night, it appeared like everyone has started to play the chess game.

With more and more people openly playing, developing a club was a logical one. During the actual seventies, it was like every city has at least one chess club.

Today, chess is not so popular just as it was in 30 years ago. Now only very few number of people has started to play chess so few number of clubs. But this few do not necessarily mean that there are no more chess clubs. It is there but you need look harder to find the one. Chess clubs will get you know the games just as your friends.

How to find a chess club? Finding a Chess Club

The phone book, yellow pages, classifieds and internet are an excellent way to find chess clubs in your city. If you give a hard look but still couldn’t find the  games for youth groups  chess club it is a good idea to start a chess club or chess engines in your own.

Starting a Chess Club

Starting a chess club is not very difficult. During the initial days your club will not require much. All you need is just a chess board, a place to meet up and few members’ .The harder part is making the people to know about this chess club. Yes, I am telling about the advertisement. It is one of the very important things to make your chess club to survive. The simple and easiest ways are putting ads on bulletin boards, local news papers and online ads. Do not forget to post your ads on the chess engines and chess playing rooms. These are the places where the ad will meet its direct customers.

Once people have starts to show some interest in joining the chess, it’s time for you to get to know you games and members in a great way. Decide how often all member needs to meet in club, How much you can charge your members club; you will have to decide on how frequently you should meet and if you should charge a membership fee. In case you decide to collect some amount as membership fee, make it clear to everyone on what stuff these money will spend on.

Becoming a member of a chess club in fact will give you many advantages. In addition to growing your chess playing games, it gives an excellent opportunity to meet the similar interested people.

Keep on reading. We will get to know you games via various interesting posts.