Chess Board Layout,Set Up And Pieces

Chess board layout – Chess set up – Chess pieces

There aren’t so many board games as chess that exists in our world for a long. The game, of all accounts, is more than 1500 years of age. It have gone through so many modifications in the past years

For many individuals sitting down towards chess board is really a moment that they wait for all day. It is just a moment that starts along with a best chess openings and proper Chess set up

The first thing to be considered is placing all the chess pieces on the chess board. When the chess set up is over there will be a square shaped white place will seem in the lower part of right corner.

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This will be same for both of the players. Though it seems while this seems trivial, this is one of the important rules given by the FIDE in the book “Laws of Chess.”

Chess pieces arrangement

Normally the chess board layout has 64 squares in the 8*8 structure. So many variations of chess exist but these all varied only in the game rules, chess pieces and a slight change in chess board layout. If you are a beginner you are suggested to go with the standard 8*8 chess board so that you can understand the things in an easy way.

If once the chess board set up gets over the next item to be consider is placing other pieces to get ready for the game. The chess pieces those are used in this modern chess are as follows

1.            King

2.            Queen,

3.            Bishop (2),

4.            Knight (2)

5.            Rook (2)

6.            Pawns (8).

Both sides of chess usually start with 16 pieces. For each color choice, the second column belonging to the bottom will keep the pawn. For the line that seems closest with the player, the other 8 pieces will be arranged.  The two important chess pieces that is centered in the chess boards are king and queen. Rest of the chess pieces will be place around these two. If the queen is white put it in the white square if it is black put it in the dark side.

One common assumption is that in spite of starting side, the set-up is definitely the same from left-to-right. But in real this is wrong.

When the player chooses the white the order will be Rook followed by the Knight which follows bishop, queen, King again bishop followed by knight finally it will end up with rook. The only difference that exists between white side and black side is exactly the reversing of king, queen’s positions. So on seeing the board at the beginning of game you can see each pieces will be “facing-off” their equivalents located on the other side of the board. This chess setup will not get change regardless of the chess set you are using.

No one will penalize you for not arranging the chess pieces in a proper way at the beginning of the match.  But still it is good habit to make sure that everything is placed in their right positions before the match begins. Don’t forget the chess set up is same as in feudal times i.e., the rook will be used to give the outer protection. In the next place Knights are going to lead the army. Bishop will come for the negotiation for king. Last but not least the king and queen pieces will be placed in the middle of the board.

Always king starts from the square which is same as his color and the queen will start from the square which is as same as her color.

Keep these 3 things in mind on setting up any chess board to ensure that all chess pieces are place correctly right before the beginning of the match. By using these rules you can set up the chess board in a very easy manner. All chess pieces on the board should be placed in the similar way all the time. If you learn properly on how place the chess pieces and what and all their functions you can easily master the chess. For more info on the chess gaming go through all articles posted in our site. Happy Gaming!