Best Chess Openings & Moves Of Grand Master Chess Programs

Best chess openings – Chess opening moves – Chess program

There are several great chess openings are out there but here we present you the best ten unique chess openings. First let me tell you what is meant by the best chess openings; Best chess openings are known as chess openings with minimal risk choosing and bit positional play. To be short it is a simple move without involving any intelligent tactical lines.

In general Solid positions are usually really difficult to crack and possibly difficult for any beginner to understand but a skilled player can easily figure out whether any position is a solid position or a tactical position.. Anyhow the following list will give you the most famous solid openings found in chess game.

x) King’s Indian Attack

Order of the move is just not very important. However white should play:








It is really an unusual opening in the belief that it follows the same rules regardless of everything that black plays.

Listen though in what way white creates their chess pieces right behind the lines in a systematic manner and also pay some attention on how the white setup leaves its white pieces without having any weaknesses although it’s not at all ambitious.

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White used to grow their solid construction right after these moves. It starts to play on any flanks.

It is not actually considered as one of the great opening. However, so many wise gamers like Bobby Fischer used these moves to attain the success.

IX) A variation of Guioco Pianissimo

Chess opening moves are given below

e4 e5 , Bc4 Bc5 , Nf3 Nc6, d3.

This is often a very solid variation belonging to the Guioco Piano. It is a kind of opening that is especially designed for developing the chess pieces.

There is really no way of creating a very strong attack in the opening itself. It is due to the fact Bishop that resides on C4 (one of the white’s most active chess piece) can be easily neutralized by Be6.

But still this opening is very popular among the beginners because it is really easy to memorize.

VIII) Nimzo-Indian Black Defense

These Chess opening moves are characterized by using the following moves

d4 Nf6, Nc3 Bb4, c4 e6

Nimzo-Indian Defense is very solid in idea. It is one of the best Best chess openings. White’s plan while playing Nc3 will be to make ready the e4 that will give white a real benefit if it manages to accomplish the black. So what black this black will do is, it will prevent it by trapping the knight.

VII) Caro-Kann: Caro-Kann Defence

It’s actually a common defence used to perform against the King’s Pawn Opening. Grand master chess program

Moves are taken as below

e4 c6, Nf3 dxe4, d4 d5, Nxe4 Bf5.

This Variation actually leaves the black which has a unique pawn structure and no apparent weaknesses it have. This move gives an opportunity for black to gain a serious advantage at the time of game ending. Because its pawn structure will be much better than the white’s pawn structure.

In addition to that, black can actually play at relevant time, while attacking the white’s d4 pawn; totally it will come out of the pawn’s center.

VI) Caro-Kann: an Advance Variation

This Grand master chess program opening are carried out through the following moves.

E4 c6, e5, d4 d5.

This opening carries a very simple idea in it. White actually pushes its pawn to get some center.

This move however carries a very serious drawback. It is because this move lets the black to get their bishop to the f5 position and then it play via e6. It won’t worry about the pinned bishop on c8.

However, it is considered as a playable one for which it is generally thought of as a best .But still you need to work really wise to crack the position of the black.

V) -A Variation of Cambridge Springs: Queens Gambit Declined

This opening is done with the following moves

d4 d5, Nc3 Nf6, c4 e6, Nf3 c6, Bg5 Nbd7, e3 Qa5, Bg5 Nbd7.

This opening is very similar to the one in Nimzo.

IV) A Kind of Semi-Slav Defense

This opening is done through the following moves

d4 d5, Nc3 Nf6, c4 e6, Nf3 c6.

The basic idea behind this opening is playing the dxc4 and later protects it with the help of b5. So right after the c6 move it is now gained a protection from the knight

III) French Defense: variation of Fort Knox

This opening is done with the following moves.

1. D4 d5, e4 e6, Nc3 dxe4, Nf3 Bc6, Nxe4 Bd7,

We can tell this opening as a solid by just hearing the name.  These openings have all the fringe benefit as in French except the headache given by the bishop residing on c8.

II) Colle System

This opening comprises of the following moves

Nf3 Nf6, d4 d5, Bd3 c5, c3, e3 e6.

This opening is really a solid one

1) Dutch Defense:  Variation of Stonewall

This opening is carried out with the following moves

d4 f5, Nf3 e6, c4 e6, Bg2 c6, g3 d5, 0-0 Bd6.